Ongoing Series

Modern Creative Life has several ongoing, invitation only series.

However, in the pursuit of expanding our horizons (and extending invitations for friends we don’t yet know), we’d love to her your pitch for any one (or all) of these Modern Creative Life series

Conversations Over Coffee

Conversations Over Coffee with MCL

Conversations Over Coffee is our opportunity to interview a variety of makers and creatives. We desire to focus on the maker and process over final works with, of course, an homage to a most recent and/or upcoming project.

Find previous Conversations Over Coffee here.

Note: Public Relations Pros and other Professional Representations are welcome. Please contact us via email.

Instrumental – the Care of a Creative Soul

Instrumental_Care of Creative Soul

How do care for our bodies? How do we care for our hearts and minds? What rituals or activities keep you centered and focused on your work?

Instrumental pieces are in honor of the exquisite self-care we humans need as creatives. This can range to pieces about eating, exercise, meditation, solo vacations, retreats, morning walks, recipes, and more.

Previous forays for Instrumental can be found here.

Studio Tours – A peek inside your creative space

Modern Creative Life Presents Studio Tours

We humans are naturally curious beings. We love to get a peek behind the doors of your special spaces. Where do you make your art? Where are you writing that novel? Walk us through the kitchen in which you’re cultivating new recipes to share. What does your recording space look like?

We want to see it all, including the details of sacred objects. See Studio Tours here.

Through the Lens – Lessons Learned through Creative Work

Through the Lens

This series explores how the things we make reveal new and interesting things about us as makers. What does your creative work express about YOU, the artist? How are the things you make like looking through a lens into your heart and soul? What have you seen in your creative viewfinder that surprises, delights, or perhaps frightens you? As we follow along with you on that journey, we may be inspired to look at our own individual creative projects in very new ways.

See previous Through the Lens submissions.

Typical Tuesdays – Walk us through the day


We are inspired by the rituals and routines of creatives. Typical Tuesdays are an opportunity to see how someone manages their time. Their routines that keep them on track and the rituals that are saving them.
It can be a small portion of the day or a morning to night….

Typical Tuesdays can be presented as:

  • A series of photos with a single sentence describing each part of the routine.
  • An essay
  •  A short paragraph and a bullet list

View the “Typical Tuesday” of other Makers.