Submission Guidelines

Modern Creative Life is open to submissions for the following issues:

Submissions are now being accepted for the following issues:

  • Issue #11 – Escape (Launching 07/12/18)
  • Issue #12 – Nostalgia (Launching 10/08/18) (Our Final Issue)

Please submit via attachment to ModernCreativeLife@Gmail.Com

General Submission Guidelines

Please Note: All guidelines are subject to editor discretion. All submissions are subject to editor approval.

  • No hateful, racist, derogatory, political, or pornographic material will be accepted.
  • By submitting to Modern Creative Life, you give us your permission to publish your work both on-line in the specific edition you submitted to, as well as possible print anthologies. Print anthologies may be printed and/or digital. Upon publication, all rights revert back to you.
  • We do not accept submissions previously published on the internet.
  • The submission you send to Modern Creative Life must be your own. You cannot submit the work of others.
  • No anonymous submissions are allowed, however pen names are acceptable.
  • An e-mail address must accompany all work so that we may get in touch with you if the need arises. Your email will not be shared with any third parties; it is merely used to communicate with you regarding your submissions.
  • Submissions may not be published in their entirety on the internet for 90 days. If you wish to publish a blurb or teaser on your own site, with a link to the published piece at Modern Creative Life piece, we encourage it.
  • Submissions shall be single spaced in a block style, with double spaces between paragraphs. Please do not indent your paragraphs.
  • Please do not submit PDF documents. You may submit Word, GoogleDoc, or in the text of an email.
  • Please take the time to thoroughly proof-read and spell-check your work before submitting it to us.
  • Please include a brief bio with your submission. Bios should be under 90 words.
  • Please be prepared to include a photo of yourself to accompany your bio. Photos should be 100 high x 100 pixels wide. A head shot is recommended, but not required. We are happy to crop and re-size if you need help.

Guidelines for Various Categories

We accept submissions for the following categories. General Submission Guidelines apply to all submissions, however, individual categories have additional guidelines.

  • Essays
  • Letters
  • Poetry
  • Stories – Fiction
  • Stories Nonfiction

Essays & Stories (Both Fiction & Nonfiction)

  • Submissions can be relevant to the edition theme. Interpretation of the theme is open and we welcome a variety of works.
  • Submissions may also be relevant to “Creative Living”.
  • We are by no means prudish and recognize sex as a healthy part of creative life. However, we prefer sexual content should be PG rated and implied rather than explicit.
  • We do not impose a “hard” limit on word count. We recommend that submissions be 2,000 words or fewer. We reserve the right to split longer submissions into multiple parts. Submissions that are intended to be multi-part are welcome, but will be subject to editor discretion.


  • Submissions may be relevant to the edition theme. Interpretation of the theme is open and we welcome a variety of works.
  • You may submit multiple poems in the same file. Note that Editors will consider each poem on it’s own merit.
  • Unless a poem is meant to be part of a collection of poems designed to publish together, each poem should be at least 200 words in length. (Collections meant to be published as one piece should also meet the 200-word minimum.)
  • Please note that special spacing may not translate to a web format.

Photo Essays

  • Submissions must be relevant to the edition theme. Interpretation of the theme is open and we welcome a variety of works.
  • Your image should high resolutions images and be at least 550 pixels wide, though we prefer images be 1000 pixels wide.


Modern Creative Life will be featuring several invitation-only series and will consider pitches for them. Please send your pitch to or as a Word document through the submission form.

  • Conversations Over Coffee – Interviews with Makers and Creatives
  • Instrumental – the Care of a Creative Soul (mental, physical, and spiritual)
  • Studio Tours – A peek inside your creative space
  • Through the Lens – Lessons Learned through Creative Work
  • Typical Tuesdays – Walk us through a typical day highlighting your creative routine