Annual Anthology: 2016

Favorites from: What’s Next? – Nourishment – Wisdom

When we envisioned a new Literary/Arts Magazine, we wanted to not only be a part of the digital world, but also breathe life into the works of talented people by taking their work to the flesh: real paper.

This book is the first venture into going from the circuits of computers across the world into something you can hold in your hands.

We are thrilled to share with you the First Annual Anthology from Modern Creative Life. The Editorial Team has chosen a handful of favorites from the first three issues of the digital magazine and gathered them in a beautiful paperback book for your reading pleasure.

Within theĀ  376 pages of this delightful book you’ll discover poetry, essays, stories, letters, and other works from thirty-two different makers.

The cover features a photo from Lawrence Davanzo.

The Modern Creative Life Annual Anthology: 2016 is available from Amazon in Paperback and a Kindle version.

As a bonus, we’ve joined the Kindle Match program, so for those of you who can’t decide which version you want for your personal library, purchasing the paperback will make you eligible for the Kindle version at no additional cost.

This is a stunning collection: perfect for lingering over with your morning coffee and reading by the fire in the evening.

We hope you will reach for this book whenever you yearn for a moment of connection with other creative souls. May it encourage you and inspire your own creative living.

With love,

Debra Smouse
Editor in Chief