Afternoon, for Instance by Lisa Zaran


we all go drifting from a dark bedroom
to a sunlit porch. even when a day feels
flattened and depression seems like the
only open door, hope abounds.

maybe it’s a skirt turning in summer sun
catching refractions of yellow light

it’s the gentle phrase of a stranger saying
have a nice day
maybe it’s just the afternoon
God’s mid-day break, sighing.

About the Author: Lisa Zaran

LisaZaranBioLisa Zaran is the author of eight collections of poetry including Dear Bob Dylan, If It We, The Blondes Lay Content and the sometimes girl.  She is the founder and editor of Contemporary American Voices.  When not writing, Zaran spends her days in Maricopa county jails assisting women with remembering their lost selves.