New Moon Creative: Moon in Virgo

We say Goodbye to our Nourishment Issue, we say HELLO to a new theme: Wisdom.

If there is one piece of Wisdom we’ve learned here at Modern Creative Life, it is that we must create. It’s a part of our DNA.

What would happen if you were to commit to your own creative life each month? How would you feel if you listened to your own wisdom, inviting you, asking you, begging you to tend your creativity and life?

While all of us at Modern Creative Life hope that each of our readers is indulging their creativity (even if it’s in small ways) fairly frequently, we are also dedicated to the idea that we get to choose our own paths to creative living each and every day of the year, by writing, painting, cooking, or even making and artful arrangement of the books on our shelves.

As well, we believe it’s important to honor the cycles of life that form currents through all our lives. As part of our ongoing celebration of those cycles and currents, we continue our New Moon Creative Prompts with a twist: a single question to inspire you on your creative journey.

The New Moon is traditionally been a time of new beginnings; here is our 1st Prompt in honor of our Wisdom Issue (and in honor of the New Moon in Virgo).


Write a poem, essay, or short story. Take a photograph and leave us with the image alone. Create a photo essay.

Between now and 9/15/16, post your creation in your blog and/or share your work on Social Media, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or all of those spaces. Use the tag #NewMoonCreative so we can find you. Leave a comment here (with a link) so we can read your words and lovingly witness what and how you are creating.

On the Full Moon (September 16th), we’ll post a collection of the work that was inspired by these prompts and post them here, with links back to the full work (and you).