Thudding by John Hulme

The Dee Estuary by John Hulme

A summer night. Half-lit

stillness where the stars

ought to be.

Clouds curl at the edges,

billow catches fire, and a

small lake of leftover

tidewater sketches ripples

along the edge of the beach.

A pipistrelle hunts over the


A kestrel swoops over the

grassland, hovers, shifts

suddenly in the breeze and

drops onto a meal.

An eerie thudding echoes in

from the sea.

The lighthouse refuses to


Somebody is planting more

wind turbines –

or perhaps flowers.

Giant ones.

Petal sentinels.

Perhaps a welcoming beacon

for container ships, as they

glide in from the sacred

waters of the outer galaxy.

Perhaps my imagination has

waded out to sea with a giant


I promised you a sunset –

and a small token of my


I’m afraid I can’t give you any

more than that. Not until I

figure out what I have been

waiting for all these years.

It’s not in the clouds tonight.

It’s not in the breeze.

It’s not in this heart.

It’s not in the thudding of

angry seas.

So why does it haunt my

ragged soul? Why is its

name written across my


Why do I cradle your smile in

my hands?

I will stand here forever now…

just a breath away from

spaceships and sea monsters.

The full truth of everything

that can’t be written in books. A smile.

A kiss.

A long and badly-timed goodbye.

A small child walking home

across the grassy dunes…

knowing that there is no


There is only the silence…

the whisper…

the distant thudding of the


This is my story, my rallying

cry, my farewell sermon from

the shoreline.

I crumble.

The sun burns away my voice.

I write my most enduring

masterpiece in the stillness of

a world without sentences.

About the author, John Hulme

John HulmeJohn Hulme is a British writer from the Wirral, a small peninsula near Liverpool in the North of England. Trained in journalism (in which he has a masters degree), John’s first love was storytelling, trying to make sense of the world around him using his offbeat imagination. Since the death of his mother in 2010, John’s work has grown increasingly personal, and has become heavily influenced by Christian mysticism. This has led to the publication of two poetry books, Fragments of the Awesome (2013) and The Wings of Reborn Eagles (2015). A mix of open mike performances, speaking engagements and local community radio appearances has opened up new avenues which John is now eager to pursue. He is hoping to go on a kind of busking road trip fairly soon, provisionally titled Writer seeks gig, being John.  Find out more about John on Facebook.