Your New Moon Creations (Full Pink Moon)

When it came to the desire to build connection and community here at Modern Creative Life, we decided to offer prompts to inspire creativity. Our #NewMoonCreative Prompts  are shared with you as the moon cycles to “new”… this is the traditional time to launch new efforts and open ourselves to creativity.

And we circle back on the date of the Full Moon to see what was created.

The full moon will bless us tonight, which means it’s time to celebrate how our creative endeavors have come to bloom. We have a tiny offering this month in response to New Moon in Aries and here is a taste of what was created in response to our “New Moon Creative” prompts:

Was inspired by this:

@kerstinmartin I had your wonderful egg pancake for breakfast. Yum.

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Which was inspired by this:

Eierpfannekuchen, German egg pancakes, were a staple in our home when I grew up: cheap, quick and tasty sweet or savory. I’d often just eat them sprinkled with sugar. I’ve been craving them recently but couldn’t quite remember the recipe and normally I would have just called my mom and asked her. But I can’t call her anymore. I’ve been missing her a lot, it’s like it’s only now sinking in that I will never see her again. Never. Then, this morning, I remembered the recipe. Because it really is that easy, it comes in two’s: 2 eggs, 2 tbsp flour, 2 tbsp milk. I also added a bit of water and a dash of salt. Melted 1 tsp butter over medium heat and the pancake cooked perfectly. Served with maple syrup and blueberries. I sat down at the dining table, with a good cup of coffee, and thought of my mom and savored every bite and memory.

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I am sometimes in awe of how creatives are fueled by other creatives.

Sometimes, a moment captures us and we see how life plays into the prompts…

And our regular contributor, Kolleen Harrison  posted this inspiration to #shine on the day we asked what #shine meant….

We all shine on ✨ #shineon #piecesofhome #johnlennon #peace

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Our next New Moon Creative is May 6th .

We hope you’ll join us and share your creations with us.