Your New Moon Creative (Full Flower Moon)

When it came to the desire to build connection and community here at Modern Creative Life, we decided to offer prompts to inspire creativity. Our #NewMoonCreative Prompts  are shared with you as the moon cycles to “new”… this is the traditional time to launch new efforts and open ourselves to creativity.

And we circle back on the date of the Full Moon to see what was created.

The full moon will bless us tonight, which means it’s time to celebrate how our creative endeavors have come to bloom. We have a tiny offering this month in response to New Moon in Taurus and here is a taste of what was created in response to our “New Moon Creative” prompts:

New Routines….

My most sacred morning ritual has changed. After thirty years of believing that coffee can only be consumed with heavy splashes of cream, there is a new routine with my coffee: a tiny spoon of turbinado sugar and a heavy pour of freshly brewed coffee. My first sip is still a prayer, but without the disguise of creaminess, I’ve discovered that the 2nd and 5th and even final sip are more prayerful and holy as the dance of bitter, earthy, nutty, and cocoa notes glide across my tongue. I could have never predicted that one less step in my ritual would give me so much more. This is the art of creating a life. To notice the flashes of holiness in the everyday parts of living. This is for day 17 of my #100dayproject #100daysofcreativeliving and for the May 6th #NewMoonCreative Prompt from @ModernCreativeLife: “New routines”

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Sense of Wonder….

I can’t help but stare as I notice the brilliant burnt orange of her first immersion has softened and like a woman who has come into her own, she is more beautiful as she has aged. I gaze into her depths as she unfurls sensually before me: deep bronze at her core with apricot edges to her petals…the deep purple stamen and golden pistil. I gaze in wonder finding once again the traces of sacredness in the humbleness of the origin: an egg-shaped bulb planted deep into the ground in October blossoms into this elegant and breathtaking beauty. This is the art of creating a life. To notice that our physical world is scattered with signs of #love and #faith if we just stop long enough to see them. This is for day 18 of my #100dayproject -#100daysofcreativeliving – for the May 8th #NewMoonCreative prompt from @ModernCreativeLife: “Sense of Wonder” – and for #30daysofmay

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Wide Open Spaces…

(by Jeannie Croope): Wide Open Spaces! (Banner Elk, NC, where I’m hoping to be in about another six weeks!) #NewMoonCreative

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Daily Devotion…

My best days begin with a cup of #coffee in one hand and a pen in the other. To sit back in my chair, ponder the day ahead, and dive into my own soul and imagination. It’s so easy to get caught up in the rush of Must Do and To Do and Need to Do and skip this time with myself. And, of course, there are days that I do. Skip. And those are the days that feel more challenging. My birthday is just a week away, and maybe one of the things I need is to ensure that I become devoted to this time with myself every morning. This is the art of creating a life: to recognize when I need to turn away from that push to hurry when slowing down is what allows me to get more done. This is day 21 of #100daysofcreativeliving for the #100dayproject The @ModernCreativeLife #NewMoonCreative prompt for 05/11 is “Daily Devotion” #love #soultending

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(from Jeannie Croope) Today’s ‪#‎NewMoonCreative‬ prompt is “Daily Devotion.” Those wake-up moments when this little creature is all mellow and purry (and hasn’t started the ritual yapping for food!) is truly a time of daily devotion!

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Our next New Moon Creative is June 4th – the day we will be launching Issue #2: Nourishment.

We hope you’ll join us and share your creations with us.