Your New Moon Creative (Full Strawberry Moon)

What nourishes you? How do you fill the well so that you can continue to create? How does connection and community nourish you and your creativity?

When it came to the desire to build connection and community here at Modern Creative Life, we decided to offer prompts to inspire your creativity. Our #NewMoonCreative Prompts  are shared with you as the moon cycles to “new”… this is the traditional time to launch new efforts and open ourselves to creativity.

And we circle back on the date of the Full Moon to see what was created.

The full moon will bless us tonight, which means it’s time to celebrate how our creative endeavors have come to bloom. We have a tiny offering this month in response to New Moon in Gemini and here is a taste of what was created in response to our “New Moon Creative” prompts:


Movement (by Jeannie Croope):



Our next New Moon Creative is July 4th

We hope you’ll join us and share your creations with us.